Domaine de Rancy

Rancy recipes

Dry White Amber (Dry Rancio)

- Green salad with chicken liver : Deglaze the liver with dry Rancio, add pepper
- Red peppers stuffed with cod
- Mediterranean prawns, Dublin bay prawns : Fry gently in olive oil with garlic, salt, pepper, then deglaze with dry Rancio
- Chicken in dry Rancio, cheeks of Pork in dry rancio
- Artichoke souffle with Mediterranean prawn (Recipe by Mr PUJADE - La Casa Sansa - Perpignan)

Natural Rancy Sweet Wines

- Roquefort terrine + fresh cream + dried fruit and apricots + 4-year-old Rivesaltes
- Walnut bread or gingerbread + some drops of 4-year-old Rivesaltes + a mixture of blue cheese and fresh cream + half-shelles walnuts
- Cherry and Mascarpone cheese in puff pastry "Cäcilie 2000" (Recipe by Bernd Siefert - Siefert cafe - 64720 Michelstadt - Germany)
- The CIVR recipe
- Small duck spring rolls with orange and cinnamon (Recipe used courtesy of Jean Plouzennec - Le Cedrat - 66160 Le Boulou)

Dry Red Wines
- Grilled fish steacks with their trilogies of tomatoes (Recipe by Gregory Coutanceau - La Rochelle with a 2002 Latour de France vintage)