Domaine de Rancy

Artichoke souffle with mediterranean prawns

A recipe by M. Pujade – La Casa Sansa – Perpignan

Serves 6 :
6 artichokes with the leaves removed
12 Dublin bay prawns
20 cl dry white rancio
½ litre water
salt and pepper
1 onion
4 eggs

Remove the chokes from the artichokes - Remove the prawns from their shells - put he heads and shells to one side.

Boil 4 artichokes + 1 onion + the heads and shells of the prawns + dry rancio for 25 min approx. Add seasoning.

Mix the rest of the artichokes with the onion using the cooking juices + the juice of the heads and prawn shells which will have been mixed and sieved. Add 4 eggs yolks to obtain a puree.

Beat the egg whites until they are stiff. Add them gently to the artichoke puree. Adjust seasoning.

Line a souffle dish (butter and flour) - Put some of the mousse in the bottom, place the prawns in a star shape and add the rest of the mousse. Decorate with thin strips of raw artichoke.

Put in the oven 20 min at thermostat 5/6.

Serve with Amber dry white wine - Dry Rancio