Domaine de Rancy Estate Grapes



These grapes are a typical Catalan variety. They form the basis or our natural sweet wines. Picked at full ripeness, they give off exquisitely fine aromas during the aging process.
The maccabeu grape makes up 95% of our Rivesaltes wines. Although often discredited, this variety does make excellent wine. It can be found on the hills facing South in the Agly valley.

Grey and White Grenache :
these grapes are used mainly for natural sweet wines. Harvested at full maturity, these grapes give a high alcohol content. When mixed with the maccabeu variety, grenache adds strengh and body to our wines.

Syrah :
produces rich aromas with character. It produces red wines with aromas initially leaning towards red fruits and then liquorice and violets.

Black Carignan :
Well adapted to the Mediterranean, this variety can be found on the hills, producing prestigious wines full of body and flovour. They age well.

Mourvèdre :
This Mediterranean variety matures late in the season. In recent years, it has seen a comeback to the Roussillon area and produces wines rich in colour and of excellent quality after aging. The mourvèdre, often neglected because of its unreliability, forms the basis of our Latour de France vintages. It gives of its best on sandy schistose.

Black Grenache :
This noble Roussillon variety produces strong wines with a rich colour. Aromas lean towards red fruits. These wines age well.