Domaine de Rancy Estate Breeding


We obtain the rancio character of our Rivesaltes and our dry Rancios, by raising them very slowly in hundred-year-old oak barrels, in small cellars dug in the rock.

In the contact of the air, occurs an oxidation which is going to entail a modification of colors and aromas of our wines :

  • The dress of the white vines is going to become golden, amber, red, mahogany even ebony for the oldest, with greenish reflections, typical of rancios.

  • The red vines are going to lose their red tint lively to become red, mahogany. In the time the colors of the red and white vines are going to join.

  • The aromas are going to evolve towards the apricot, the almond, the honey, the beeswax for the youngest. In the ageing, they are going to win in complexity, in intensity: prune, orange peel, dried fruits, fruits alcoholic, leather, tobacco. Their wealth in alcohol allows them "to resist" this type of mastered breeding.

  • Dry red wines are converted into wine in tank concrete or fiber. Some vintages (carignan, mourvèdre, Latour of France) are refined in bottles.