Domaine de Rancy Estate Work of grapevine

Work of grapevine


The Rancy Estate in situated on schistose and clayish-chalky parcels in the Agly valley (to the North of the Pyrénées Orientales). We enjoy a mild Mediterranean climate (dry summers, the Tramontane wind, Spring and Autumn rains). Our vines are fifty years old on average (except for the mourvËdre variety) and produce yields of 20 hecto/hectar. This includes all the vines.

When producing our wines, we are very careful to take into account the type of soil and location of our vines. We thoroughly work the soil using specialised machinery (ploughs, machines to work the soil between stocks and chain track tractors - on almost the whole vineyard).

We use no artificial fertilizer for approximately 20 years, the used phytosanitary products are of biological origin (sulfur, mixtures Bordeaux, of Nantes, stephania).
Some vines are ploughed in the horse.

The vines used to produce red wine are given special care and attention : green harvests and summer thinning out of the crops.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed the return of ladybirds, glow-worms, and earthworms, as well as some plants which had more or less disappeared from our soils : garlic, wild leeks, dandelions...

Our intensive labouring techniques ensure the success of future years.