Domaine de Rancy Estate Vinification


Our grapes are picked manually when they are pulpy and phenolic. We always ensure that they are of the highest quality.

The maccabeu variety of grape is picked at full ripeness and is pressed immediately. It is left to ferment slowly (3 weeks) in concrete vats without the addition of industrial yeast. We then introduce muting, a process whereby alcohol at 96° is added to the grape must to stop fermentation. This is to retain some of the natural sweetness contained in the fruit. The Rivesaltes then spends several months in concrete vats, on the fine lees.

The following year, it is transferred in to old oak barrels where it will stay for a minimum of 4 years and a maximum of ...50 years or more.

We propose two vintages monovines :

  • Pure carignan (red vine)
  • Pure maccabeu (white vine)

Grapes are harvested on maturity there. Then, we let ferment this wine until all the sugars have disappeared. The wine therefore becomes totally dry.
It is difficult for these high alcohol wines to eliminate all their sugars so fermentation takes place again the following Spring. They are then left to age slowly in old oak barrels.

The grapes are selected carefully after harvesting. A second selection takes place upon arrival at the cellar. Grapes are stemmed and lightly crushed. The different types of vine are fermented separately in small vats and at low temperature.

Each vintages undergoes regular treading to obtain a deep colour, excellent aromas and beautiful tannins. The maceration time takes 20-30 days.