Domaine de Rancy Sweet wines Rivesaltes Rancy 1965 & 1973

Rivesaltes Rancy 1965 and 1973

Location and soil : vin doux 73
Schistose and clayish-chalky parcels on the territories of Latour de France, Estagel and Montner. The
estate possesses 15 hectares in total, out of which 12 devoted to the production of Rivesaltes.

Grapes varieties :
95 % of macabeu grapes, a typical variety of Catalan orign with exquisitely fine aromas.
5 % of Grenache blanc, adding body and volume to the macabeu.

Average age of the vineyard : 50 years

Yield : 20 hectoliters per ha

Vinification :
Check of grape maturity and picking at a stage of over-ripeness by hand exclusively
Picking exclusively by hand
Direct pressing in a 35 hectoliter Sutter press
Exclusive use of naturally present local yeast flora, no addition of industrial yeasts
Slow fermentation (10-15 days) with temperature control, followed by muting with alcohol

Aging :
First year on the fine lees in concrete vats
Aging in barrels from the second years onwards
Further aging in various sized hundred-year-old barrels for 39 and 50 years

BOTTLING in January 2013 and January 2015

Acquired alcohol : 18.00 vol %

Residual sugar : 120.00 gram/liter

Comments about Wine-tasting :
Beautiful amber, red colour. Aromas; milky, chocolate, liquorice, old plum. Smooth flavours, brown
tobacco, roasted almonds, coffee, walnut, rancio.

Food pairings :
Chocolate, cigars, exceptional wines to be consumed just for the end of a meal.

Temperature of service : 13°/15°

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