Domaine de Rancy Dry Rancio Dry Carignan Rancio

Dry Carignan Rancio

Location and soil : schistose parcels on the territories of Latour de France, Estagel and Montner.

Grapes varieties : 100% of Carignan grapes
Average age of the vineyard : 80 years

Yield  : 15 hectoliters per ha

Vinification :
check of grape maturity and picking at a stage of over-ripeness by hand exclusively
Picking exclusively by hand
Direct pressing in a 35 hectoliter Sutter press
Exclusive use of naturally present local yeast flora, no addition of industrial yeasts
Slow fermentation (10-15 days) with temperature control
Aging :
first year on the fine lees in concrete vats
Aging in old barrels from the second years onwards to promote the oxydation
Harvest 2001

Acquired alcohol : 17.00 vol

Temperature of service : 13°/15°

Agreements Dishes and wines : tapas, anchovies, cheeses, Asian cooking, caramelized pork(pig), in spices, Peking duck, duck.