Domaine de Rancy Vinegar Vinegar of Rivesaltes

Vinegar of Rivesaltes

Our Rivesaltes vinegar "vinaigre de Rivesaltes rancio du domaine" is made from barrels of 4 year-old Rivesaltes Rancy wine, carefully selected with the help of Nathalie HERRE, a vinegar-maker from 66600 Port Vendres - La Guinelle.

Choosing a good wine at the outset is paramount to ensuring excellent quality. It guarantees the initial flavours and strength of the wine in the finished product.

Using the barrels we provide, Nathalie converts our Rivesaltes wine into vinegar. It is a slow maturation process which takes place when the barrels are exposed to sunlight.

The vinegar is a beautiful gold and amber colour. Its aromas lean towards honey, walnut and rancio. It has a rich, aromatic flavour, reminiscent of Italian balsamic vinegar.

Acidity : 6°

Degrees : 2.60°

Food pairings : of a beautiful color amber, slightly sweetened, it's completed for marinades of anchovy, and to raise déglaçages and vinaigrettes.