Domaine de Rancy Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The Internet site “Domaine de Rancy“ ( is a service provided by the Rancy Estate wine cellar. Its aim is to provide honest, accurate information about our products.

I - Presentation of the site
The site seeks to provide customers with comprehensive information and answer their questions : about the Estate and its professional activity, range of products, approach and production methods.

II - Using the site
   • The quality of the information provided : Although the Rancy Estate takes every care to ensure that the information given on its site is of the highest quality, it is unable to guarantee that all the information provided will always be accurate and exhaustive down to the very last detail. For this reason, the Rancy Estate will not be liable for any prejudice caused by the misuse of information and/or should the information be revealed to be inaccurate or incomplete.
   • Accessing the Internet site "" : The Rancy Estate cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages caused when accessing or not being able to access its site.
   • Sending of mail : The Rancy Estate cannot be held liable for any delay, loss or error in sending mail, should it be when sending or receiving due to an inaccurate email address.
   • Links to other sites : The site gives access to sites of business partners by direct links or by including the contents of sites of business partners on the site Although the choice of links to outside sites has been an object of careful care and attention, the Rancy Estate cannot be held liable for the availability and use of these sites. Neither can it accept responsibility for the contents, advertising, products, services or any other material coming from or available on these sites. The Rancy Estate cannot be held liable for the dealings or any possible oversights of their business partners. For these questions, we would invite you to consult the charter of these sites on your first visit.

III - Copyright laws
The information provided on the site is restricted to personal use only. Any other use is purely and strictly forbidden. Moreover, the information provided is protected by copyright laws, treaties and international agreements protecting author’s copyright. Any modification or reproduction, be it of part of or the whole text, for anything other than personal use is strictly forbidden. This ban covers the means by which the information is reproduced as well as the time span. The Rancy Estate cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages caused by illegally using the information available on

IV - Respect for Personal Information
   • Personal data : During your visits to our site, the Rancy Estate may ask you for personal and anonymous information in order to be able to provide you with a better, personalised service and improve its site. Some information is obligatory to enable you to access certain services. Obligatory information is characterised by an asterisk.
   • Using your personal data : Your personal information which you give on the site will only be used at the Estate. Under no circumstance will it be disclosed to a third party.
   • Disclosure of personal information : Your personal information on will only be disclosed to a third party to satisfy legal requirements or if it is asked for by an administration or legal body.
   • The right to access and amend information : in compliance with the 6 January 1978 “Data Protection Act“, the site has been registered with the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL). At any time, Internet users have the right to access, modify, amend or remove information about themselves from the site.

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